Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Chillin'

My, I like this yard! ...lots of food and water
and the dog can never catch me.

I may look like a dead leaf, but if you get too close
I'll have to leave my comfy spot.

This swamp is just perfect now that the
water level has dropped below our sunning log.

We're soaking up some April sunshine.
What a beautiful weekend!

(My condolences to blogging friends in Western Canada
who are receiving snow and very cold temperatures)


  1. I adore turtles! Though I have a healthy respect for most of the ones around here,I have a friend who nearly lost her toe to one while wading around a local lake...

    The snow front that was suppose to hit us seems to have arched high and hit western Canada. My condolences to your friends too but still, I must admit I am so glad it missed us!

    I love that squirrel photo

  2. Looks like there are a lot of browns in nature at this time of year. Flowers are coming!

  3. Love the squirrel! And, would love to have those waxwings too!

  4. Thank you for the condolences! Minus 14 here this morning. Snow yesterday. At least the wind has stopped...the windchill here was awful. I hope the things sprouting in the garden have survived.

  5. Anonymous1:47 pm GMT-4

    I spoke too soon yesterday, the clouds are snowing their little hearts out here this morning...

  6. We're a "balmy" plus 4 today - snow fall from yesterday melted except for shaded areas.Thanks for the condolences:)

  7. Nice photos, Ruth. I'm glad you are enjoying your spring. Believe it or not, cold temps have arrived here in California, too. Not as cold as our neighbors to the north, but colder than seasonal. It's supposed to dip into the low to mid-30's here tonight, and frost for other areas north of San Francisco.

  8. Hello Ruth,

    Maybe this weekend we can go birding. (Every other weekend we go to Kitchener.)


  9. It's been a while since I've seen the Cedar Waxwings. I hope they are managing their alcohol intake better these days...

    Those squirrels know when they have it good!

  10. Jaspenelle- Your dad used to have little pet turtles we kept in a glass cage. I don't think they can be sold in pet stores any more though. To bad the snow came south to you too.

    Ginger- The flowers are coming fast!

    Jayne- That squirrel is a permanent boarder.

    Jean- Four plus! At least it melted.

    Mary- The west is cold and the east is hot, really too warm for April. But averages are what get recorded.

    Birdman- I will let you know at the end of the week.

    Mary- This is a bumper year for Cedar Waxwings. There were at least 100 outside my office window this morning,(and a hungry hawk on the other side of the driveway)

    K&M- I would be very discouraged with your weather, but in April you know it will not last long.

  11. I've never seen squirrels chill out in the backyard before (actually, when have I ever seen them motionless - other than roadkill?).


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