Friday, May 16, 2008

Evening Walk

I met a lady this evening on a trail as she walked her very patient dog and looked at birds with her binoculars. She is a novice birder like myself and was telling me of her recent spring sightings. We walked the last part of the trail to the parking lot and saw a Gray Catbird singing enthusiastically in a tree. I have never heard a Catbird song before. ( I still wish I could find a Mockingbird but this is definitely a Catbird). Anyway, I gave her the link to this blog and told her I would post pictures of this evening's walk. Here they are in a short video clip. Happy birding, neighbour!


  1. Great job on the video. I think catbird sonds are among my favorites. They remind me of R2D2.

  2. What's the structure at the end of the video?

  3. Lynne- I thought they just meowed, but they do have a robotic squeak.

    FMDoc- Those are the ruins of an old mill built on the river by Scottish immigrants to the area in 1839. I love history and old things(and old people too!)

  4. Ruth,

    I enjoyed your video and was very interested in what looked like an Inuksuk. I haven't walked the area you are referring to, but it looks beautiful.

    I enjoy catbirds and I did mockingbirds in 2005 when we visited Arkansas.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I sent you an email about the flowers.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.


  5. We are a little too far north for catbirds here. Enjoyed the video .. videos are fun ... but are not always as clear as I'd like them to be when they get compressed! Perhaps I should try UTube.

    Fun that you met a new birder and helped encourage her on her way!!!

  6. exactly Lynne! :c) How nice to meet a new friend on a walk Ruth. Novice? I wouldn't call you a novice by any means!

  7. Anonymous9:01 am GMT-4

    Ruth...I am the lady you met on the trail last night with the dog (Lexie). I came home right away and looked up the bird in my book and the "whatbird" website to compare the singing we heard. You were right it was a catbird. It was so lovely to listen to him sing away without a care in the world. Almost like he was giving us his own private concert. Absolutely beautiful and special. As new comer, every bird I see is exciting and it was great to be able to share it with someone. I enjoyed our little visit and listening to you tell me about all the birds you have spotted, it makes me even more excited about my new hobby. Thank you for giving me your website. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, the scenery, the birds, the still life and the family photos. I will definitely visit it often. Maybe someday we will meet again on the trails with our eyes searching for that ever slight movement in the trees, our ears in tune with every little chirp and smiles on our faces as we enjoy natures beauty. HAPPY BIRDING!

  8. Hi Ruth,
    Looks like you had an excellent evening for a birding walk and how fun that you met another nice lady who shares your interest.
    I loved your catbird video....still waiting for some to show up in my backyard.

  9. Mary- Thanks for the name Inuksuk. I forgot what they were called. And thanks for you email. Hope the sun shines a little on our long weekend!

    CS- This video is so clear on Window Movie Maker but it loses quality once you add it to Blogger or YouTube. I prefer to upload to YouTube as the image is larger.

    Jayne- I couldn't ID 25 birds a year ago. Blogs like yours have increased my knowledge a lot.

    Cheryl- Thanks for your wonderful comment! I am so glad you visited my blog. I do hope to meet up with you again. And I wish we had figured out what was making that noise in the marshy area beside the parking lot.

    RuthieJ- I saw my first Catbird at the end of April here. Yours should be coming soon.

  10. Cheryl and Lexie - As one of Ruth's devoted blog readers, welcome to our little community. You will love Ruth's blogs. She brings us a variety of interesting things.

    Ruth, great video and what a lovely area for an evening walk.

  11. Nice Video. It lets me get outside even though I am bed-ridden.

  12. So nice of you to take us along on your walk. Such a lovely looking area.

  13. Catbirds are fun to hear. Great to meet a novice birder (you are not a novice, by the way) and share your day with her here on this blog. I enjoyed your video.

  14. NCMW- Thanks for your generous comments. I finally got around to linking you to my blog.

    SG- Hope you are feeling better!

    KGMom- We are so fortunate to have public access along the banks of this river. The trails are well maintained and marked.

    Mary- The more I listen to the video, the more I realize Lynne is right about R2D2. I consider myself a novice because of the number of birds I miss. Sparrows and shorebirds confuse me greatly.


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