Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Chance Encounter

Pioneer Tower, Grand River, Kitchener

I have been able to go for a good walk almost every day in the past week and have seen a number of migrating birds. Even if no new birds are to be seen, the trails and woods are fresh, fragrant, green and so beautiful. A young mother was biking with her two young daughters on the trail where I took the picture above. I could hear them coming and the youngest girl said more than once, "Mommy, this is so pretty." She kept stopping to admire the view. (Way to go, Mom! You are doing your girls a big favour)

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

On Thursday morning, I went out before work and met another lady in the same area. We chatted and admired a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the tree above. I had just seen my first Indigo Buntings nearby and was showing her my pictures. We exchanged names and I truly hoped my busy brain could retain her name and address as I had no pencil or paper with me. (I need to add a notebook to my camera bag).

My first Indigo Bunting

Well, thanks to Google, I found her quickly and discovered that she and her husband have a house on the river and a most interesting home business. She had been very modest and had not told me about the handcrafted bird feeders they sell at craft shows and online. Here is a YouTube video from their website, Moore Design bird feeders, that is worth watching for three minutes.

The Moores (from their website)

I had great success with my window feeders this year at the hospital, but the squirrels were a nuisance and eventually chewed up the plastic frames. The cost of these hand crafted ones would be offset by the savings on seed consumed by unwanted creatures.

Nice to meet you Carole!


  1. Congratulations on your Indigo Bunting, Ruth! I'll check out the links now.

  2. What a beautiful "reflection" picture.

  3. Wow, what lovely creations! No coincidence you met Carol. :c) Love your Grosbeak.

  4. I enjoyed the bird feeder site. Carol looks like a very nice lady to meet ... but birding people usually are pretty nice people. Very talented her and her husband are too. We don't get Indigo Buntings here.

  5. Great post and pictures. Not many people are lucky enough to photograph their first sighting. Lovely Indigo Bunting and Grosbeak.

  6. Thanks for your comments. CS is right, birding people are usually very nice.


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