Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Flowers: Pink and White

Crabapple Blossoms on the hospital property

White and pink were the predominant colours this week in both wild and cultivated areas. Flowering trees are coming into bloom in our area of south-western Ontario. The ornamental crabapple trees at my workplace are beautiful, but apple trees are just starting to bloom. The orchards in the Niagara region should be at their peak as their growing season is a week to ten days ahead of ours.


Laurel Creek runs from an area north of the city southward towards the Grand River. The soil around the creek supports Tamarack trees which are now covered with dark pink cone blossoms. The new needles are fresh green and feel so soft.

Toothwort, Wild Strawberry
Spring Beauty, Trilliums

The woods are full of wildflowers, from tiny white wild strawberry blooms to large trillium flowers. Our neighbourhood woodlands are carpeted thickly with trilliums again this spring. One evening this week we walked through the bush above looking at the flowers that grew as far as the eye could see. We met an older lady from Britain as she sat on a log admiring the view that was as spectacular as any display in a formal botanical garden. What a beautiful time of year!

Bleeding Heart in my Garden


  1. Glad to hear everything is in bloom for your Ruth. :c) The crabapple is one of my favorite trees for the blooms alone.

  2. Anonymous8:34 am GMT-4

    Beautiful photos, Ruth. Don't you just love the pink and green colors of early spring?

  3. Great photos. I especially love the woodland shot of the trillium, my favorite wildflower. I would love to see a patch of them so large.

  4. Yes, that woodland shot of the trilliums is a great one! I've never seen so many trilliums all in one spot.

    Spring is such an encouraging, hope inspiring time.

  5. It certainly is a beautiful time of the year - does my heart good to see all the lovely growth. Your "pinks" are gorgeous. The tamarack is so pretty. :)

  6. Somehow pink just seems to mean spring. Beautiful bleeding heart.I just bought 2 white ones yesterday.

  7. Nice to see the colors of spring are making their way to you finally. Beautiful!

  8. Ruth,

    I love all of your photos. The crabapple blossoms and the bleeding heart are my favorites. I was so disappointed when my bleeding heart didn't come up this year. A contractor was working here last year and trampled many of my flowers. *sigh*

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. You are a great photographer.


  9. Ruth - what a lovely shade of pink. Those crabapple trees on the hospital campus must bring a smile on your face each time you see them. And your bleeding hearts are lovely. Unfortunately, it's too warm around here to have such beautiful bleeding hearts. Enjoy your lovely spring.

  10. Thanks for your kind comments. Hope you all are enjoying flowers wherever you are this weekend!


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