Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May is here

This week is one of my favourites of the entire year. In the first few days of May, the leaves of our deciduous trees will open and the landscape will be tinted with spring colour. I will be sure to drive down a certain city street that has alternating red and sugar maple trees on the boulevards and admire the pale green and deep reds on the arched branches above the roadway. The willows at the downtown park have changed from yellow to green and the magnolia blossoms have opened for a few brief days of beauty.

The city has come to life. Gone are the winter people, bundled against the cold winds, rushing from building to building. The park benches are occupied as mothers watch their excited children run around the playground. Elderly people from the nearby neighbourhoods now feel safe when walking on dry sidewalks instead of icy pavement. Hellos are exchanged as people pass complete strangers along the pathways.

The travelling fair arrived in our neighbourhood on a rainy day this weekend, but the sun came out eventually, and the happy screams of children on the rides can be heard in the distance.

Spring is short in this area, and soon the summer heat and humidity will stilt the activity seen this month. For now, each day brings a new discovery and new beauty to enjoy.

The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.
Edwin Way Teale



  1. WHAT!? It's May already??? Man...

  2. Happy May to you too Ruth. So glad the warmth has spread your way!

  3. The days in spring when everything blooms are wonderful.
    Our magnolias opened in early April only to be frozen brown in the cold snap that followed. Great disappointment. Thankfully the green leaves are still coming in.
    Our dogwood finally bloomed this week.
    Ah spring!

  4. In May it seems there is new life EVERYWHERE!!

  5. Happy May, Ruth! I believe this is the first time I've seen very green grass in your photos...

  6. Happy May sweet niece!
    Did you know it was a family traditional outing when we were young that every May, 2nd Sunday, we drove in the direction of where you live, and onward to Niagara to see the trees in bloom. Your Grandad T. loved the beauty of May.

  7. I had to take a second look - Yes! It's May! Like you, I feel these are the most precious days of the year. I want it to SLOW DOWN. We've waited so long. Your description of the beauty around you is lovely.

  8. Becka- OK, I forgot to turn the calendar...

    Jayne- Cold and rainy today, but the warmth is winning on most days!

    KGMom- Our frost risk is officially over May 24th, but I have seen snow on that date once. You must be about 3-4 weeks ahead of us.

    Lynne- I do like living in an area where seasons are well defined. We appreciate the new life all the more I think.

    Mary- Yes, the grass is green, not ready to cut yet, but that will come very soon.

    OmaLois- I have asked for a trip to Niagara on the Lake for Mother's Day. If the weather is nice it will be crowded, but it is so beautiful in May.

    Cathy- Time doesn't slow down unfortunately, but we can slow down our busy pace if we choose to.

  9. May and October are my two favorite months of the year.

  10. How many boys left a May Day basket on your door?


    I love all the green of May!

  11. Laura- No May Day baskets here! May is definitely our green month, not March.


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