Thursday, July 05, 2007

GB Heron Rookery Search Continues

My husband patiently followed me tonight while I continued to search for a heron nest. We saw more herons in the trees than we did on the water. The one pictured above looked like a dead branch, while the one below stood out on the open on one leg. I love the curl in his head. We looked up in every group of large trees along 3 kilometers of the river and saw no nests. I have read that there is a large heron rookery near Paris, Ontario, which is at least 50 km downstream on the Grand River. There have to be more nesting areas on the watershed.


  1. These are such wonderful photos of these herons!! They are not easy to find but once you do you will know it! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Tom. I think they may be easier to find before the leaves are large. I will keep looking...

  3. I know of 2 heron rookeries and seeing them now with the trees fully leafed out I would never be able to find them. I think you're right in that finding them in the spring is the ticket. Good luck!!


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