Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Best Wishes for Independence Day

Photo by The Becka

Freedom is a more complex and delicate thing than force.

It is not as simple to live under as force is.

Thomas Mann

I have met many wonderful people south of the border
in both a real and virtual sense.
I find the majority to be very
friendly, generous, passionate and patriotic.
It is easy to criticize America, but
Canadians are fortunate to have such good neighbours.

Blessings, prosperity, and peace
on this your special day of celebration!


  1. Thank you, Ruth. I share your sentiments. I've met many people north of the border and find them to be good friends!

    Becka is quite a photographer. Thanks, Becka!

  2. Thank you Ruth! Please tell Becka her photo is gorgeous! I love people in Canada and love visiting there!

  3. Anonymous1:31 pm GMT-4

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

  4. Thanks, Ruth. It is so nice to know so many wonderful folks from "up north." My FIL lives in Arizona where most of his neighbors are from various parts of Canada - and they are the nicest folks one would ever meet.

  5. From a Canadian transplant now in Arizona. Thanks, we are going to celebrate with friends.

  6. That's nice to see-I know Americans are not too popular in some parts of Canada, so I appreciate the quote-

  7. You are very kind--there are too manyh times that we in the US forget what great neighbors we have to the north!
    Our 4th & your Canada day are very close together in time.
    We both celebrate our wonderful countries.

  8. Mary- Becka was pleased with your comment. Thanks!

    Pam- Those of us who live closer to the border can visit easily and get to know both countries. Becka took a tripod to the fireworks display, much to the scorn of her sisters. But her pictures turned out well. Thanks.

    Monarch- Hope you had a good day in spite of the weather. We needed the rain badly!

    MaryC- My aunt(OmaLois) is one of those Arizona Canadians. I think it is becoming more popular than Florida for the "Snowbirds"

    OmaLois- You can celebrate both holidays. I hear it is hot there today, something like 45C!

    Larry- I think American policy is not too popular in parts of Canada, (and nor is the President). But the average American citizen is A-OK!

    KGMom- I think the 2 countries are a bit like families...nit-picky at times, but there is true affection between the members.

  9. Thanks from a friend south of the border!

  10. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for the good wishes. I've been to Canada a few times and enjoyed each visit. Places I visited weren't too different from Minnesota, but there are so many more areas to see and I hope to visit Canada in the future (once I get a passport).

  11. Laura- It has been a pleasure to meet you as a virtual friend...

    RuthieJ- Those pesky passports! You are right, the differences between the countries, especially close to the border, are very subtle. Just watch the speed signs. Now Quebec...that is like another country.


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