Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Flowers: Raindrops

Fuschia bud in our yard (click to enlarge)

June continues to be wet and cool in southwestern Ontario and judging from other posts I have read this week, this has been a rainy spring in other parts of the continent too, especially in the east. Flowers, vegetables and other crops are off to a slow start. We should be at the peak of our strawberry season by Father's Day and I have yet to taste a local berry this year. A few days of sunny warmth will make the difference as there is plenty of moisture in the ground.

Roses, Lily leaves, Peony Bud

We have had years of drought in the past when lawns are brown and crisp by mid June and no rain is seen for six weeks or more. Our municipality allows us to water with a hose on one day each week and encourages the use of rain barrels and plantings which require less moisture. Canada is blessed with an abundance of fresh water but we still need to appreciate this resource which is so precious in more arid regions of the world.

It was raining steadily when I left work on Wednesday but I stopped at the rose garden to take some pictures of the wet blossoms. Many people in the world celebrate the rains when they come, and I can do that too.

I loved this rainy post that Esther Garvi posted in May from Niger.


  1. Beautiful photos. Raindrops on blossoms are one of my favourite things!

    I see we share a taste in similar books and movies, and we both live in Canada (I'm in Alberta).

    I enjoyed the visit. I'm adding your link to my sidebar so I can come often.

  2. In the first image is that you upside down in the water drop? These are spectacular captures. We could use a little of that precious rain. Only felt three soft drops on my nose today.

  3. Those photos are amazing Ruth, especially that last shot of the rose. So glad you all are getting some rain this season.

  4. Water droplets on flowers make a beautiful picture. You have captured it well. I love the last picture...stunning...and it's orange.

    I have heard that this summer is going to cooler and more rain that we have had in the past. Not much we can do about it, so we might as well enjoy it, looks like you are.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow!Each picture is stunning.I love the droplets on the plants,and also the way you framed them.These pictures need to be enlarged and hung on a wall.Beautiful!!!

  6. Brenda- Hello and thanks for visiting.

    Gaelyn- The reflection is of the planter and deck screen. I know that some areas of the continent are getting little rain. We could share!

    Jayne- With all the rain we have had, the sunshine is much appreciated when it does appear.

    Cheryl- There is beauty everywhere, even in the rain. Have a happy weekend with your family!

    Ruth- Thanks to you and all who have enjoyed the photos. Creation is full of unique and unlimited inspiration.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Ruth. I wonder what it is about raindrops that make nature look all the more enchanting?

  8. We adore rain here and won't see any until November if we are lucky.
    Enjoy your fresh water.

  9. Lovely raindrops on the flowers. We've also had lots of rain (much needed) but not the cool weather. And with the heat and rain has come a bumper crop of mosquitoes. After such a long dry period, we had almost forgotten about insect repellant.

  10. The drops of rain in the first photograph contains universes all themselves. Great shot.

  11. Ruth,

    The photos of the roses sprinkled with dew are pretty. However, I was awed by the photo you took of the baby Great-Horned owl in the last post. That was a great experience I'm sure.

    We also have coyotes in the west of the city along the river. I'm sure when they built the new subdivision it took away their habitat and pushed them closer to the river.

    Enjoy the Father's Day weekend, my friend.


  12. Lovely flowers Ruth! Last week we saw the first roadside stands with local strawberries, so the harvest is behind schedule here too.

  13. That coyote pup does look healthy ... and cute for a coyote. What a lucky shot!


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