Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Picnics

Old-fashioned, multigenerational picnics are becoming less common these days. Grandma was a great one for organizing picnics in her large backyard, at the farm, in a park, or on a trip. I remember the special food she made;- tomato aspic, lemon cake, orange soda, hot dogs or sandwiches, cut up celery and carrots and butter tarts. (We never had soda any other time except for gingerale when we were sick.)

We used to attend annual Sunday School picnics and played all the traditional games;- the sack race, three-legged race, egg and balloon toss, and baseball. The ladies brought their best salads and desserts and there was always ice cream for the children. I haven't been to a church picnic for at least a decade and now children tend to have their own special events minus the adults.

We enjoyed a picnic this weekend on a beautiful June afternoon at a small town park. Children still love them and want to do the same things children of all generations have enjoyed. Food remains the central attraction and competitive games are geared for many age groups. The scavenger hunt was very popular and all participants got a prize. And baseball is still best as a pick up game.

These two cute girls were acting so grown up, sitting in their little lawn chairs and visiting with each other. The little puppy, Bear, did not get the hot dog.

Do you enjoy summer picnics, with your family or community? Or am I right in thinking they are becoming a thing of the past?

My niece, Jaspenelle wrote this response to my post.


  1. I hope they aren't becoming another victim of kids needing other kinds of activities..but come to think of it, we used to have or go to many picnics, but not much anymore. sad

  2. Yes, just the other day.

  3. Ruth,

    We don't have picnics much anymore. I'm not sure why. We are more apt to have a family BBQ at Michelle's.

    We are thinking of taking the boys to Welland on the 27th. I do hope it works out. I think I will get out the picnic hamper and pack a lunch. It would be fun.

    Dufferin Islands are beautiful, as you saw in my photos. It is a hidden jewel and is often overlooked. Drive past the Falls on the Parkway and drive up to where the old ship is marooned in the Niagara River. Just after the greenhouses, take the first road to the right. You would love it. The best time to go is early morning. There are few people there at that time, but hundreds of birds.

    Enjoyed your post. Looks like you all had a great time.


  4. I think people still do picnics, but certainly not on the scale 30-40 years ago. It's much different ususally with food purchased at a fast food place or catered. I agree with Mary...the picnics have changed into BBQ's. But whether you are having a picnic, BBQ, or any type of gathering...the important thing is the time spent with each other. Now if there is only a "good reliable" method to keep the uninvited bugs out ;)

  5. I too remember going to family picnics as a kid. Then my married family moved away from the rest of the family. Other than a few potlucks with friends haven't been to a real picnic in decades. Besides my Mom always disliked eating outside with the bugs. They were good times and I hope families still get together for picnics.

  6. Picnics have a whole other association for me.
    I recall picnics on the African veldt. Not exactly something I can replicate here, eh?

  7. They do seem to be less common these days, don't they? It's always good to see a family on a picnic outing enjoying each other and the outdoors.

  8. I hope they aren't, although I have to say, I haven't been to a picnis or block party in decades! Speaking of decades, wouldn't you love to see a photo of those two little girls in the same pose in a few!?! Wonder if they'll be lifelong friends...

  9. Picnics rock! I love the pictures of the kids. Fun!

  10. Ruth, those two little girls reminded me of older ladies - so cute! When I was growing up in th summer, taking our picnic somewhere was a special event and we did it often with neighborhood adults and their children - families. It's been many years since my last picnic. I think it' still popular - in the form of "cook-outs" and BBQs at someone's home, I guess.

    Great post - and that little boy in blue made me laugh.

  11. I'll have to agree with most of the others, that BBQ's seem to be taking the place of the old-fashioned pic-nic. Don't see much of the multigenerational ones either. We still do picnics, especially at the beach.

  12. Mexico Mom9:36 pm GMT-4

    What a blessing we have here in Nayarit Mexico - 1 1/2 hours from several private undeveloped Pacific coast beaches. As you know several
    times a year we pack a cooler and a big basket and head there. We either cook fresh fish on a portable bar-b-que or take sandwiches,
    It takes a few minutes to make a palm leaf shelter and we are set for the day.
    We all lived for Grandma's picnic in Canada.

  13. Summer outings are the best!

  14. I miss the picnics my grandparents used to have at their summer cottage. Any and all relatives withing driving distance were invited any day of the week, with a once-a-year picnic reunion when my aunt and family flew in from California. These days my husband and I "picnic" on our deck each night for supper at the picnic table he made for us twenty-some years ago, and it's an added treat when our kids are home to join us.

  15. Multi-generational ANYTHING seems scarce these days! My extended family is having just such a picnic in Maine next Saturday. Alas, I won't be going this year, as my daughter is in the middle of a summer semester at college. I'll SO miss being there!
    Oh, and thank you, Ruth, for your kind comment on my blog. :~)


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