Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Babies: Children at the Park

Compared to babies of the animal kingdom, human babies take forever to grow up, their time of parental dependence lasting years rather than weeks or months. Even with all this time for maturing, it seems some adults are stuck in perpetual adolesence. What complex creatures we are! What a complex world we have created for our young to find a place to fit in and belong.

Young Aboriginal dancers

My childhood summers seemed to be endless with long days of exploration and play with my brothers and friends. The summers with our children seemed to go faster but we enjoyed many hours at this park from the time they were still in strollers.

What all cannons should be used for

The Multicultural Festival was for all ages, but much of it was geared for children. Here are a few of them who enjoyed the special day, the kind of day summer memories are made of.

Buskers are always popular


  1. We were at the park today and I felt like Father Goose waddling around after Nikki Dee, just watching over her.

  2. How true that the time with our kids seemed to pass faster than our own childhoods. My grandkids seem to be growing up even faster.
    A fun day at a festival is definitely good for making childhood memories. Nice pics.

  3. It is always so special to see kids being kids and really enjoying life. It goes so very fast.

  4. What a fun post. We also enjoyed free summers, playing all day long.

  5. I'm sure happy Mingus will "mature" faster than a human baby. I'm afraid I lack the energy for such a long haul. Humans are complex.

  6. Ruth,

    Though our children stay dependent on us much longer than bird or animal babies, the years seem to pass way too quickly. Glad you enjoyed the festival.

    Thank you so much for leaving an encouraging word for Brandon. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.


  7. How right you are Ruth....

    I don't know where the time has gone....I am now taking my grandchildren to parks.....and believe me I cherish every moment......

  8. The children in the park are a delight. All at a marvelous age for fun and exploration. Unfortunately most of us are still stuck as three year olds at best. Good or bad?

  9. Some times I wish I could go back to childhood.-It can be such a magical time.


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