Monday, June 15, 2009

June Babies: Red-winged Blackbirds

I started the week with pictures of some adorable children and thought I would continue the theme of babies and parenting. There are many young birds and animals about right now and some very busy parents feeding multiple hungry mouths. It isn't all that hard to figure out where nests are as the adult birds tend to get very aggressive when you approach them. If you see an adult with a grub in its beak, just watch where it is going as the babies are sure to be around. I missed this Red-winged Blackbird nest at first because it was in a small tree. I thought these birds nested near the ground in rushes and was looking down instead of up.

I knew I was near as the female was acting very territorial and scolded me soundly for standing in the vicinity of her nest. I did back up as she was distressed and would not go to the nest to feed her three youngsters. The baby birds in the first picture fledged later the same day.

The male Red-winged Blackbird was also an involved parent and was just a noisy as his mate. Last year I took pictures of a male attacking a Red-tailed hawk perched too close to a nest. (here). These bird parents are most protective and alert for possible danger.

And here is the face only a mother or father could love. This homely chick was crowded in the nest with two others, ready to fledge. They will hide among the rushes and grass at the edge of the swamp and still be fed my the parents until they are more mature and able to fend for themselves.

(I am having some significant computer problems today with very frequent Vista crashes. I hope to figure out the problem and get back to reading and commenting on blogs soon)


  1. Babies are everywhere! I though RW Blackbirds only nested in reeds too. What a lucky find.

  2. Ohhhh that last picture is adorable...I would be a parent and love it to pieces. I have seen many babies too in past couple of weeks. I think my favorite was the baby killdeers. There was 4 running down the Zeller trail with Mom and Dad close by. I was so amused by them and shocked how fast their little legs can go. What a fantastic site to see. At the farm I almost put my foot into a nest of 12 eggs of a mallard. I'm sure that those babies must be hatched by now. A the baby grey-horned owl was a site to remember too. So many many new wonderful lives.

  3. They are absolutely adorable. Most birds are devoted parents working together. Great captures.

    I had to remove a new Windows update not too long ago to stop Vista crashes. Good luck.

  4. Endearing pics! Nothing is cuter than parents taking care of their babies - no matter which animal! The 2nd pic - you are right, she scolded you!

  5. They are so ugly they are cute! I've never seen the Red-wing babies. :c)

  6. That baby face is sweet. Great shot, Ruth. I rarely see the female RW. Just saw a fledgling at the grocery store pond the other day.

    Thanks for showing these.

    Good luck with your computer.

  7. Yes,those babies have a face only a parent could love,but they are cute in their own way.Great pictures.

  8. What great shots of these Redwing babies. I've never been able to see a nest.

    As for Vista ... I thought you'd turned to trusty Macs?!

  9. will probably think I am mad but it is not only his Mum and Dad who loves him....I do to, so cute.....

    Lovely photographs......and I am so envious.....birds still disappear when I get my camera out......

  10. Is it because I am a mother that I love the face of that baby bird?
    So cute, so helpless looking--for now.

  11. Wow, you must have a great camera. I used to think only a professional photographer can shoot of mum feeding babies. You proved me wrong.

  12. What a great series of these beautiful birds. Amazing what fine parents they are.

    Oh...I'm sorry to hear about Vista problems. I just got a new laptop and I hoped my frustration with Vista was only a learning curve.

  13. Thanks for the comments. I must say the baby Cardinals we had last summer were even uglier than the RWBBs, but they do grow up beautifully. My computer did not respond well to the last update and hopefully it is back and working for now.
    CS- I have a Mac desktop and still have not got into using it for 2 reasons (1) The laptop is more comfortable, and I get neck pain at the desk if I am there for a length of time (2) I do not care for the iPhoto program and have trouble finding my pictures. I haven't paid the $99 for the improved version.

  14. Ruth,

    The robins that had made their nest under our awning fledged some time ago. I've seen a lot of red-winged blackbirds this year. They seem to be getting more plentiful in this area.

    The other day, a Baltimore oriole was chasing a crow. It was hilarious to watch. The crow must have been too near the nest and the Baltimore oriole won the battle.

    Enjoyed your post and I do hope the red-winged blackbird didn't end up as lunch for the red-tailed hawk. I've seen quite a few of them this year along the river.


  15. Next to the goldfinch, I absolutely love red winged black birds! They represent summers past with little care in the world, except for "Where's My Lemonade?" And the babies are darling!


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