Saturday, August 18, 2007

Simply in Season

Our region's farmers' markets are becoming busier each week and the stalls are brimming with local foods. I have to be very selective now or we have more food than we can eat before it spoils. Canning doesn't fit into my schedule, except for a batch or two of chili sauce and salsa.
I discovered a lovely food blog called Tea and Cookies. The latest post featured Insalata Caprese. Laura featured a similar dish on her blog a couple of weeks ago. I purchased two large potted basil plants for two dollars, some fresh mozzarella cheese, and made this delicious dish with tomatoes from my garden.

There are a number of cookbooks available that feature seasonal cooking. Simply in Season, commissioned by the Mennonite Central Committee and published by Herald Press, is written in the spirit of the classic More with Less Cookbook. The recipes are simple, many are vegetarian, and all are home style meals typically served by Mennonite cooks. I noticed there is also a children's cookbook by the same name. I haven't seen it myself, but would recommend it just because of the quality of the original title. I made Tabouleh from a recipe in the first book and have posted it on my recipe blog.

Preparing foods from the market takes a little longer than heating up an entree from the frozen food section of the grocery store. But the fresh flavours of the season are worth the effort of some extra chopping and cooking.


  1. Mmmmm... we still only have grape tomatoes ripe here, but they're nice in this salad too.

    I don't cook often, but when I do I try to make things fresh. Last weekend I made the most wonderful Mexican chicken soup and it kept us for most of the week with leftovers.

  2. Anonymous7:35 am GMT-4

    I've been haunting the farmer's markets here too. Love the photo in this post, it looks so inviting!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I've read before about eating seasonally, but have never studied into it in depth.

    Farmers' markets have always been a delight for me.

  4. The photo of the farmers' market is a feast for the eyes. What a lovely looking place.

  5. Laura- I struggle with leftovers with only 3 of us here now. I have had a number of chicken soups in Mexico including sopa de patas de pollo, patas included.

    LauraO- I wish I could go to market more than once a week. The freshest food lasts only a few day.

    Ginger- Seasonal, local eating is being promoted more and more. I have three cookbooks now featuring seasonal food. I am a sucker for cookbooks.

    KGMom- This place is a family owned market and is small, convenient and always very busy. The big markets here are really big. Sometimes it is a chore to carry your purchases to the back acre where your car is parked.


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